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There’s a new way to experience the open road; it's in an eMa...
 eMa Motorworks LLC is an industry leader and innovator in the autocycle/reverse trike/3-wheel motorcycle market.  Starting in 2007 with our Turnkey Minus build-your-own trike program, we've been providing high-end, affordable alternatives for thrill-seeking autosports enthusiast who wanted the "wind in your face" freedom of a motorcycle but with the handling and safety of a race car.  We learned early on that only the reverse trike three wheeled motorcycle/autocycle platform could produce that experience.   Previously only available as kits we are now offering these amazing vehicles in series production so that many more can experience the wonderful joy that only our autocycles can evoke.  
You can rely on eMa Motorworks to innovate and create awesome autocycles/reverse trikes with market defining performance, styling and quality, by drawing on close to two decades of experience.  
Our goal is provide an unforgettable driving experience that's within reach.

The eMa Team

Not really the best time to be thinking about a new business and surely not one in manufacturing, but this is what the entrepreneurial spirit is about; taking risk, and blazing trails.  So his first restaurant closed its doors the same year Antonyo started putting action behind his vision of becoming the Henry Ford of the reverse trike 3-wheel motorcycle industry.  But he had to provide for himself and keep his loyal employees working, so he did what he knew best and opened another restaurant called Bistro Avant Garde in Jacksonville FL,. In 2006, having reached a level of success he was comfortable with, he dove into the manufacturing field only to find that it takes a lot of preparation, discipline and financial resources to build a new Motorcycle Brand.  His obsession with refinement and quality, and the need to make vehicles within reach of hard working men and women didn't make it any easier. 


Antonyo built several different prototypes, but production costs were too high to enter the market where he wanted to be, both in price and quality, so he tabled those designs for future models.

Almost a decade later he and his partners are now making their dreams a reality through a company named after the lady who inspired it all; his grandmother Emma (minus one "M" for design and marketing purpose). So to find that his grandmother's name meant "universal" made the name even more applicable to the vision of eMa Motorworks LLC.

                        Antonyo Sanders Founder/CEO


Antonyo is no stranger to entrepreneurship having opened his first business at 18 years old and selling that business three years later, and took those profits to open several more businesses including restaurants, bars, and lounges, that were met with varying degrees of success. Doing all this before moving into construction and design while maintaining a career as a market feasibility consultant, Antonyo learned how to grow and scale a business, via the school of hard knocks.


As a child on a field trip to Orlando Florida Antonyo first saw a T-rex in person, igniting his obsession with three wheelers.  Years later he was working on a reverse trike sketch during a down time in business when his grandmother who raised him just happened to walk by and said, "that's it baby, that's gone be the one".  Antonyo, not really thinking much of it and not even sure if his grandmother even remembered saying it at all, went on with business as usual.  He was on the brink of losing his first Restaurant, a pioneering establishment in the revitalization of the downtown area in his home city, Jacksonville FL, when his grandmother's words came back to him.

Glenn Strickland – Chassis Fabricator, and Award Winning Painter.

Glen started his career in the automotive industry by going to school to be both a machinist and a certified mechanic in the early 1980s. After successfully completing his studies he went on to work in an Auto Body and Repair shop where he sharpened the skills he learned in school and got some real world experience behind his belt. 

After working for others for he began to build customs and hot rods under his company called G & G auto salon in Jacksonville FL.

Glen would go on to create award winning custom cars and show stoping paint jobs for various profesional athletes, as well as local and national clients. Glen's unparalleled quality and attention to detail garnered the nick name #KandyGuru, to which his vehicles have been featured in various Custom Car publications. 

It may come as no surprise that once Glen and Antonyo crossed paths over 10 years ago, that this would be a perfect match as they both have a eye for detail, quality, and refinement. On top of that they both know the value of having a partner that's great at what they do best, and one who's invested equally in the building and success of their brands and companies.  This led to Glen joining the eMa Motorworks LLC. team.


Together their goal is to build a brand that will become a household name, from the grass roots efforts that built companies like Polaris and Arctic Cat, both of which were founded by men who had no previous manufacturing experience, but who had a similar passion and dedication to quality and success. 

Mike Vetter has been building concept cars and custom built movie cars, futuristic one of a kind cars for almost three decades. Since 1994 his ability to build any style of futuristic or concept car in a high quality manner where you will be able to drive the car every day if you like, is why eMa Motorworks Founder chose him as part of his core team to bring his visions from drawing to driving. Mr. Vetters ability to build more than mere "Movie Props"; instead OEM quality vehicles, was a perfect fit for eMa Motorworks. Examples of his work has been featured in many automotive magazines and TV programs. Discovery channel, Speed Channel, and several Movies as well.

Specialties: Expert Paint and body with composites, and Extensive auto customization. Fabricate custom auto designs and builds complete projects from ground up.

Mike Vetter – Custom Automobile Fabricator, and Composites Manufacturer.

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