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American Built ~ American Designed 

American Engineered

eMa Motorworks introduces the eMa Scorpion SS and Scorpion RS, our first full production vehicles.  Both are highly tuned, 3 wheel motorcycles/autocycles in the Supertrike category, designed for performance and style . 
At the core of our company name is the word eMa (Emma) which means universal and represents the essence of our commitment to "exclusivity within reach".

Why eMa Motorworks


  • Performance

  • Style

  • Refinement

  • Quality

  • Affordability

  • Precision

eMa Motorworks Innovators in the 3-Wheel Motorcycle Reverse Trike Industry and the Venom SS

eMa Motorworks 3-wheel Motorcyce Reverse Trike Innovators

People say the nicest things… 



"Very very nice! This is a true testament to the awesome stability and drivability of a non-leaning trike. I have to say much nicer looking than the Slingshot, and I like the Slingshot. Ten thumbs up for you."


Norm Kokes, Venom SS Owner


“I've driven a T-rex and a Spyder and must say that this beast is awesome the low end torque will amaze you.”


Steven Lebrasky, Scorpion RS-T  Owner



“I'm 6.5 and can fit inside this beast. I'm glad they tought about the bigger guys, and the quality is good too, can't wait until they are in full poduction, I want the first one off the assemble line. Good guys over there at eMa Motorworks, watch out for this company they are well on their way. I currently own the Venom SS as a kit, But i still want their full production Scorpion SS.”

Gabriel Angatti, Venom SS Owner

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